Professional Bull Riders Academy

Turn your passion into reality and train with PBR’s legends of past and present at the PBR Academy’s first ever bull riding camp. Coming November 19-20th, the PBR Academy is offering a 2-day bull riding camp for Junior High and High School students at Cody Lambert’s ranch, in Bowie, TX.

Recognizing that the future success of our sport is reliant on cultivating and developing bull riders of tomorrow, the PBR would like to offer young riders the opportunity to improve riding techniques and training methodologies alongside legendary coaches including Cody Lambert, J.B. Mauney, Justin McBride, Cooper, Davis, and Jess Lockwood.

Every bull rider starts as a contender, but few have what it takes to be a champion! Is it in you?

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  • Cody Lambert

    “We instill in our riders accountability. Expect to ride every single bull you get on and hold yourself accountable when you don’t. That way, your drive to make each out will never weaken.”

    - Cody Lambert

  • Jerome Robinson

    “Perseverance comes in a lot of different stages, 8 seconds at a time, year after year.”

    - Jerome Robinson
  •  Jess Lockwood

    “When I got there, I knew how to ride. The thing they really stressed to me, and really improved my success was the mental aspect of it, which I think in bull riding is the most important part of being successful.”

    - Jess Lockwood
  • Professional Bull Riders Academy
  • Professional Bull Riders Academy
  • Professional Bull Riders Academy
  • Professional Bull Riders Academy